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I am a self-taught jewelry designer of beaded jewelry and beaded accessories, with a real passion for making people feel special when they wear each of my pieces. Since I do not duplicate my work, no two people are ever wearing the same design. I simply make it my mission to encapsulate  customers' desires to make their own statement through the jewelry they purchase.

For more than 2 decades, I have been hand-selecting high quality, expressive and colorful beads and components, from around the world. Sometimes customers have their own idea of what they'd like to purchase,  so they place a Special Order to have something custom-made. Working together to make their vision a reality, most often emulating their memory through a one-of-a-kind wearable keepsake.

Since most of life's special moments deserve a commemorative and affordable piece of jewelry, it is important to choose a design that best compliments a personality. Take the time to select a piece that  fits the occasion, like a birthday, anniversary, holiday, life milestone, Mother's Day.  Perhaps select a particular colored bead, crystal, charm, or the like to signify a birthstone or special event. 

In addition to these signature pieces, I also design an annual Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet, where proceeds go directly to various cancer charities. Supporting this cause is extremely close to me, so I love sharing my affection for beautiful pink hued beads with any person who may also feel touched by this disease. It's an ongoing fight for the Cause for a Cure! 

I love to share my artistry with others through interactive classes and workshops. On occasion you'll find demonstrations or tutorials via YouTube or Instagram. 

Thank you for taking a moment to visit Charming Bead. I hope I helped to inspire you to discover your next thoughtful, handcrafted works of beauty, that you will proudly wear and/or share with others for many years to come.